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  1. FAV

    EnjoyHint 3.0 To Add Free Hints and Tips To Site Or App

    The new updated introduced auto scrolling to highlighted elements, possibility to hide 'next' and 'skip' buttons, add html markup in description, and more.
    JavaScript 22 views posted 5 years ago by lanagio
  2. FAV

    Transforms + transitions test

    jQuery testing for animating CSS transforms using CSS transitions.
    JavaScript 5 views posted 9 years ago by martenbjork
  3. FAV

    mini-pico-tiny convenience micro-framework

    via [http://mir.aculo.us/2010/06/04/making-an-ipad-html5-app-making-it-really-fast/](http://mir.aculo.us/2010/06/04/making-an-ipad-html5-app-making-it-really-fast/) for CSS3 Transitions, Transforms, Animation also see: [http://css3.bradshawenterp...
    JavaScript 4 views posted 9 years ago by cfleschhut
  4. FAV

    CSS3 pseudo-class selector emulation for Internet Explorer 5.5 - 8

    JavaScript 7 views posted 9 years ago by c4ptivate
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