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  1. FAV

    Close Window in JavaScript

    The function that closes window is very useful when you use a pop-up window on your page, because it allows the visitor to easily close the window. You can also do it several ways: to use a button, a text link or make the window closes automatically...
    Java saved by 2 people 7 views posted 6 years ago by apphp-snippets
  2. FAV


    Web aplikacija generira slučajne registracijske oznake za grad Zagreb u odabranom formatu. Ispisuje se i broj mogućih različitih registracijskih tablica za taj format.
    Java 5 views posted 7 years ago by DSTG_Kwan
  3. FAV

    Java - UIManager all-windows

    Java 4 views posted 13 years ago by whitetiger
  4. FAV

    Java - Mini Lettore Wav

    Java 2 views posted 13 years ago by whitetiger
  5. FAV

    Java - JFreeChart Example

    Java saved by 6 people 6 views posted 13 years ago by whitetiger
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