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  1. FAV

    Create String List With Random Characters And Sort

    Create a List<String> for a specified number strings with a specified max characters (randomized...1-max). This method uses another snippet which contains initCharacterList(int, int) http://snipplr.com/view/71355/fill-character-list-from-ascii-table-...
    Java 4 views posted 6 years ago by borysn
  2. FAV

    Fill Character List From ASCII Table And Sort

    FIll a List<Character> with ASCII (0-127) characters with a given number of characters.
    Java 5 views posted 6 years ago by borysn
  3. FAV

    Remove from a list during iteration

    Java 1 views posted 11 years ago by theobriscoe
  4. FAV

    Iteration through a Generic List (Java 5 version)

    This code uses the new Java 5 foreach loop to iterate through every element of a list. It avoids the need to declare an iterator.
    Java 8 views posted 12 years ago by cpjobling
  5. FAV

    Iterating over generic list

    Java saved by 2 people 2 views posted 13 years ago by cetnar
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