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An example of the Arrays.sort() function. Taken from: http://www.tutorialspoint.com/java/util/arrays_sort_int.htm
0 213 posted 5 years ago by nulldev
Reverses a Java string array, taken from: http://www.java-examples.com/java-reverse-string-array-example
0 195 posted 5 years ago by nulldev
Does the same as `System.arraycopy(source, copyFrom ,target, copyTo, length)` but without worrying about invalid input. Example for an array of characters.
0 50 posted 9 years ago by Voil
A rough "it works" way to delete elements from an array given the array of indices to delete. A new array is created by copying over the remaining elements. Any suggestions on how to make this more efficient appreciated :)
0 102 posted 9 years ago by studioevoque
0 94 posted 10 years ago by alejandrosuch
i use it so save bufferedImages into a DB as Blob
0 188 posted 12 years ago by ILoveBeer
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