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  1. FAV

    Advanced Java mysql,oracle,... connect, full functions

    use This Class to conenct to any database mysql oracle access and postgresql and use functions to select update insert or update data from database --
    Java 2 views posted 5 years ago by supupoff
  2. FAV

    Conexión manual a Base de Datos ORACLE

    Java saved by 2 people 0 views posted 9 years ago by skayme
  3. FAV

    Oracle BDB Maven repository

    Java 0 views posted 10 years ago by ff1959
  4. FAV

    OAF - Controller Code to create Javascript popup window

    Sample code from processFormRequest to pop up new window via javascript. worth noting: this is not recommended as it can break the OAF page.
    Java 1 views posted 11 years ago by theonlyalterego
  5. FAV

    Doblar comillas simples (escapar para Oracle y Sybase)

    Java 0 views posted 13 years ago by pablazo
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