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  1. FAV

    Reveal.js - Basic Slide

    This snippet is a basic slide with a header and a paragraph
    HTML 9 views posted 6 years ago by mralexjuarez
  2. FAV

    The Easiest Way to Create Vertical Text with CSS | Nettuts

    The easiest way to create vertical text is to use ems in addition with a space between the letters of the word that should be displayed verticaly
    HTML saved by 2 people 12 views posted 9 years ago by jkandei
  3. FAV

    Lorem Ipsum Filler Text

    Just for a quick copy and paste. A cool Lorum Ipsum generator is at [lipsum.com](http://www.lipsum.com/).
    HTML saved by 2 people 5 views posted 11 years ago by wizard04
  4. FAV

    Text Input with rounded corners

    This HTML/CSS shows how to make text inputs with rounded corners in the most basic way (it doesn't expand according to its width).
    HTML saved by 12 people 13 views posted 11 years ago by reneolivo
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