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0 129 posted 8 years ago by paul0078
A user may click a link on a mobile site which should open a page on the desktop site, not the mobile site. Appending the following code to the link will do that.
0 142 posted 9 years ago by amandalaine
Use Facebook's sharer to easily post status updates to Facebook. The three meta tags control the default content Facebook pulls to create the post.
0 123 posted 9 years ago by dmertl
0 113 posted 9 years ago by dmertl
0 93 posted 9 years ago by r2cgroup
0 139 posted 9 years ago by cougarbreath
For when you sometimes forget the precise syntax. First is from html, second from css file.
0 117 posted 10 years ago by rumremix
Replace the XXXXXX with your Myspace friend ID.
1 107 posted 12 years ago by xlovergirl
1 121 posted 14 years ago by zensir
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