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  1. FAV

    HTML5 Basic Page Template

    HTML saved by 5 people 15 views posted 8 years ago by sethetter
  2. FAV

    Full page layout % and px

    HTML saved by 3 people 3 views posted 8 years ago by gdesjardins
  3. FAV

    Sticky footer HTML

    HTML saved by 2 people 3 views posted 9 years ago by Eystein
  4. FAV

    Expanding form with rounded corners

    A simple form with rounded corners, and hopefully not too much markup. You'll need some kind of graphic for the corners of course - I used 20px corners for this. It's a bit rough, would love to know what some other people think.
    HTML saved by 6 people 2 views posted 11 years ago by superdeluxesam
  5. FAV

    Invisible Xanga Code

    HTML 0 views posted 12 years ago by sondosia
  6. FAV

    XHTML Strict 1.1 Layout

    HTML saved by 1 person 2 views posted 12 years ago by bodhi
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