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  1. FAV General structure - layout

    HTML html layout
    posted 4 years ago by Aguayoapps
  2. FAV HTML5 Basic Page Template

    HTML html html5 layout page template saved by 5 people
    posted 8 years ago by sethetter
  3. FAV Full page layout % and px

    HTML css html layout saved by 3 people
    posted 8 years ago by gdesjardins
  4. FAV Sticky footer HTML

    HTML html layout saved by 2 people
    posted 9 years ago by Eystein
  5. FAV Expanding form with rounded corners

    HTML css design form html layout xhtml saved by 6 people
    posted 10 years ago by superdeluxesam
  6. FAV Invisible Xanga Code

    HTML code layout theme
    posted 12 years ago by sondosia
  7. FAV XHTML Strict 1.1 Layout

    HTML layout saved by 1 person
    posted 12 years ago by bodhi
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