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Augmented Reality in HTML
0 696 posted 9 months ago by freediver
This is a basic HTML5 starter template that I use when I start a new project. Scripts should go at the end.
8 717 posted 6 years ago by ginoplusio
Comingsoon Page for those who don't have time to code. HTML5 web form for email subscription. PHP backend and MySql database. Compatible across browsers
0 122 posted 6 years ago by flanker
as i understood "p" tags is requaired.
0 90 posted 7 years ago by shin
this has place for external styles and the css start for a button sprite. Also has some comments about new html5 markup.
0 106 posted 9 years ago by gamblelyn
Proper way of loading libs such as jQuery from Google's CDN. Place these JavaScripts at the bottom for fast page loading. To target different versions, you can be more specific if you want; eg. /1.4/ or even /1.4.4/. (NOTE: you may either use http...
0 148 posted 9 years ago by hced
0 69 posted 10 years ago by dvdrtrgn
reference for create own ajax helper in CakePHP
1 77 posted 13 years ago by juno
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