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This example is a basic design structure for loading multiple video and audio formats for universal work of media content on your page.
1 309 posted 8 years ago by apphp-snippets
0 217 posted 10 years ago by drifterz28
This code will allow you to embed flash on websites and those sites will validate on w3c validator. Unfortunately, sloppy developers don't usually care about validation. :/
1 324 posted 10 years ago by trusktr
just drop on a page and boom syntax is all colorfull and pretty
0 255 posted 10 years ago by cartercole
I first posted this code on my http://sitefromscratch.com site, but I decided to repost it up here on snipplr.com with some of the most recent modifications I've made. This code validates through W3C Strict XHTML Standards.
14 579 posted 11 years ago by smoothdzion
comment out HTML
0 226 posted 11 years ago by thesmu
0 293 posted 13 years ago by sondosia
0 246 posted 13 years ago by andyhartleeds
Insert these 2 lines into the to have your local pages refresh while coding. Make sure you use inline style sheets to stop caching problems. Remove once you make the site live.
3 305 posted 15 years ago by 1man
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