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  1. FAV

    CSS3 Ajax Loading Cross browser

    CSS3 Ajax Loading Animation ======== This is a simulation for the popular gif animated images. The reason why i choose to do it in css3 is the flexibility of re-using it in different sizes, different colors and the transparency issues in gif anim...
    HTML saved by 3 people 10 views posted 7 years ago by MohamedAlaa
  2. FAV

    Submit Form with Control + Enter

    I took this out of an example in tutsplus, and I added a fadeIn action for aesthetic reasons.
    HTML 1 views posted 8 years ago by luizlopes
  3. FAV

    HTML5 Beginers Layout With Google Ajax Load

    Basic HTML5 layout for beginners
    HTML saved by 12 people 6 views posted 9 years ago by crispunk
  4. FAV

    Brilliant ajax loading/progress gif generator

    HTML 0 views posted 9 years ago by shibbard
  5. FAV

    Prototype, Scriptaculous & PSWrap via Google

    HTML 0 views posted 10 years ago by pdswan
  6. FAV

    Pull in News from Yahoo API Using JSON HTML

    The simple form that calls the searchYahoo function.
    HTML saved by 4 people 2 views posted 12 years ago by 1man
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