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  1. FAV HTML5 Basic Template (w/ Comments)

    Extremely helpful to anyone who is looking to improve performance and follow best practices in HTML/CSS
    HTML css CSS3 html html5 javascript template saved by 6 people
    posted 6 years ago by Rar
  2. FAV CSS3 Ajax Loading Cross browser

    CSS3 Ajax Loading Animation ======== This is a simulation for the popular gif animated images. The reason why i choose to do it in css3 is the flexibility of re-using it in different sizes, different colors and the transparency issues in gif anim...
    HTML ajax CSS3 html saved by 3 people
    posted 7 years ago by MohamedAlaa
  3. FAV HTML5 CSS3 Webtemplate with Html5 drop down navigation bar

    This is a simple HTML5 CSS3 website template you can customize it according to your needs. It has a clean and modular code and css. No fancy stuff just basic elements presents like : slideshow, social icons and a navigation bar. Its cross browser com...
    HTML CSS3 free html5 template web
    posted 7 years ago by flanker
  4. FAV CSS3 Form Search Button

    A nice looking search button built with css3
    HTML CSS3 search
    posted 7 years ago by CKOink
  5. FAV CSS3 Page Curls

    Using css3 to create page curl illusion on box elements
    HTML CSS3 page
    posted 7 years ago by CKOink
  6. FAV CSS3 Vertical Menu Navigation

    HTML CSS3 navigation
    posted 8 years ago by clone
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