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Commands to dump and load a database in django
0 93 posted 7 years ago by erichlotto
It's imposible to read de "_id" field en django templates ( {{element._id}} === error) So, to read it, you must do a templatetag. Now you hace the templatetag, you can use it like this: {{element|pk}}
0 181 posted 7 years ago by viroide
There are so many ways to serve templates within views.py that sometimes it's hard to get a handle on which is ideal for a project. This snippet does not attempt to explain every possible way to serve a template, simply a few I've found helpful orga...
0 149 posted 8 years ago by chrisaiv
While django provides the django_admin.py cleanup script, if sessions get out of control sometimes you have to go lower level to get everything cleaned up. If the problem gets out of hand and you hit the resource limits of the machine, it is very dif...
0 164 posted 8 years ago by magicrebirth
Hate absolute Paths? Me too, I always end up forgetting to change things around when I go into production mode. Thankfully, there's a nice, clean way to have Python do all the hard work.
0 117 posted 8 years ago by chrisaiv
Instead of directly edit your TEMPLATE\_CONTEXT\_PROCESSORS, import it in your app's settings.py and just append what you need. (credits: denysonique and all #django channel community)
0 94 posted 9 years ago by caruso_g
0 112 posted 9 years ago by Affix
Simula in Django i campi created e updated aggiornati automaticamente alla creazione e alla modifica del record (Versione 2 senza funzione save ridefinita)
0 114 posted 9 years ago by munkypot
0 109 posted 10 years ago by martin_rusev
example: a method on a model that outputs a list of tuples with (attribute_name.verbose, attribute_value)
0 115 posted 10 years ago by magicrebirth
First: create a file under djangoapp/templatetags where you define your tags [e.g.: myadmin_tags.py]: Second: create the html snippets that get loaded in those tags [e.g., personfactoid_info.html]: Third: in mytemplates/admin/ modify change_for...
1 112 posted 10 years ago by magicrebirth
This function takes anything which can be dumped into JSON and returns an HTTP response of it, with the right Content-type header.
2 107 posted 10 years ago by magicrebirth
2 95 posted 10 years ago by vas3k
Django template system highlighting is included from Vim 7.1. You can easily turn it on with setfiletype.
0 69 posted 11 years ago by escalant3
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