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  1. FAV bringing back list styles in a section after they have been removed from section\'s parent

    We use lists for all sorts of things, especiall navigation elements for which bullets don't make sense. Often, it is most convenient to remove bullet/list styles from all list elements globally. In fact many css resets do just that. However, there ma...
    CSS css list style
    posted 8 years ago by rumremix
  2. FAV Vertically centre a menu without setting an explicit width

    Useful bit of CSS to vertically centre a navigation. Good for Pagination.
    CSS list saved by 1 person
    posted 9 years ago by 1man
  3. FAV Center a unordered list

    CSS center list textmate saved by 3 people
    posted 9 years ago by bobbym245
  4. FAV Style list numbers

    CSS css list
    posted 9 years ago by loric
  5. FAV CSS Comma Separated List

    Separates an html list of words with a comma using CSS.
    CSS css list
    posted 9 years ago by hotdiggity
  6. FAV CSS list-style-image

    This parameter determines the image address which serves as a list marker. This attribute is inherited; therefore value none is used for separate elements of the list for marker restoration. Syntax list-style-image: none | url (a path to a file...
    CSS css list style
    posted 9 years ago by Masis
  7. FAV Select List Item only if it Doesn't Contain another List (and is top level)

    CSS css list
    posted 10 years ago by paulgrenwood
  8. FAV Coloured (Colored) Bullet Points for CSS Lists

    Enables you customise the colour of your <li> bullet points.
    CSS color css list php
    posted 10 years ago by nostradamuszen
  9. FAV Cross Browser Ordered List W/ Images

    This will create a bulleted list using images as the bullets.
    CSS browser image list saved by 6 people
    posted 11 years ago by cbx
  10. FAV Using CSS background images for bullets

    copy form maxdesign!
    CSS css images list saved by 6 people
    posted 13 years ago by assbach
  11. FAV Background images for bullets list

    To move the content away from the background image apply "padding-left" to the "LI" element. In this case "0.6em" has been used. As with vertical alignment, list padding will be determined by the size of your image.
    CSS css list saved by 70 people
    posted 13 years ago by zensir
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