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Using sed to recursively remove malicious code injection form .php files when the injected code follows the pattern <?php>
0 115 posted 7 years ago by tinytiger
If you want to run Google Chrome with additional program arguments under OSX, one way, is to use "open" and its --args argument. Use it to start Chrome with the --allow-file-access-from-files setting (or any other). Create a link to it to run i...
0 82 posted 9 years ago by nonlinearsound
Ideal if you have a laptop. If someone steals it, he will not be able to read all your mails and documents with precious information (about passwords, accounts, credit cards, private stuffs, etc...). This snippet is considering that you are using...
0 47 posted 11 years ago by Dorgendubal
1. Allows encryption between client and server 2. Bypasses filtered port, if any on the standard port for the given service.
1 72 posted 12 years ago by iblis
So you don't have to type the password everytime you log in to that remote ssh server. Don't enter a passphrase when prompted, just hit enter. This example is for Mac OS X but is likely to work on *nix plats too.
5 71 posted 12 years ago by micmath
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