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simple command that resize and crop, if necessary, an image, centering the image.
0 62 posted 8 years ago by artaserse
Resize images that are greater than 800x600 and place them in the "small" directory.
0 32 posted 9 years ago by Carolyne
0 54 posted 9 years ago by traeregan
Input: .jpg images of current directory\r\n\r\nOutput: the thumbnails will be generated in \'thumb\' folder
0 47 posted 9 years ago by abhiomkar
0 26 posted 9 years ago by tao326
0 41 posted 10 years ago by jfoucher
A simple one-liner to resize images from commandline
1 54 posted 10 years ago by ping_ch
I needed a quick way to resize and save to a folder lots of images. Imagemagick is magic indeed!
1 84 posted 11 years ago by zerolab
* Resized images are generated into TARGET_DIR. * Change the resolution (800x800 in my example) and quality (80) as you want. * The command keeps the image's proportion. 1600x1200 will be converted into 800x600, 1200x1600 into 600x800. _Notice_:...
2 61 posted 11 years ago by Dorgendubal
This requires ImageMagick installed. Resize, as well as convert the image format. (Note: either of WIDTH or HEIGHT can be left blank, e.g. WIDTHx and the image will be resized proportionally)
1 56 posted 12 years ago by soroush
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