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  1. FAV

    Sprockets JavaScript dependency management tool using clean RVM

    Use this snippet in Linux shell to install RVM and set it up for use with Sprockets.
    Bash 7 views posted 7 years ago by symsec
  2. FAV

    Bash script to update common JavaScript libraries (jQuery, headjs, modernizr, etc.)

    Bash 11 views posted 8 years ago by mecha
  3. FAV

    How to Install Node.js on a Mac

    Bash 5 views posted 9 years ago by viatropos
  4. FAV

    Compression Script for CSS & JS

    A custom compression script I use for auto compression and gzip compression of my css & files. Also allows for 'debug' mode (uncompressed). You simply include the core.css & core.js in your <head>
    Bash 6 views posted 10 years ago by iloveitaly
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