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This would convert images at 30fps to a mp4 video, with sequence titles: ImageName0000.png, ImageName0001.png, etc. You could use -r 1/5 to use one frame every five seconds.
1 98 posted 7 years ago by jmiller
Input: .jpg images of current directory\r\n\r\nOutput: the thumbnails will be generated in \'thumb\' folder
0 64 posted 9 years ago by abhiomkar
0 46 posted 9 years ago by almazom
If the device is already being used, umonut it.
0 62 posted 10 years ago by smoover
you'll need the ack (http://betterthangrep.com/) command line application
0 57 posted 11 years ago by iloveitaly
* Resized images are generated into TARGET_DIR. * Change the resolution (800x800 in my example) and quality (80) as you want. * The command keeps the image's proportion. 1600x1200 will be converted into 800x600, 1200x1600 into 600x800. _Notice_:...
2 92 posted 11 years ago by Dorgendubal
-s 86x60 Defines the dimension of the thumbnail -ss 4 Generate a thumbnail from position 00:00:04 (4 seconds)
0 48 posted 11 years ago by smoover
This requires ImageMagick installed. Resize, as well as convert the image format. (Note: either of WIDTH or HEIGHT can be left blank, e.g. WIDTHx and the image will be resized proportionally)
1 85 posted 12 years ago by soroush
0 51 posted 13 years ago by whitetiger
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