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Hello Guys, This short ASP.NET code snippet is intended to provide you a brief review on how to add SMS functionality to your website. You will see, this is a very simple but smart solution. This ASP.NET application is able to send messages by usi...
0 144 posted 5 years ago by Gupta86
To select a US State from a form.
1 116 posted 5 years ago by windmarble
For example, in a button, in OnClientClick method, pass parameters for a javascript method.
0 207 posted 6 years ago by keidash
0 79 posted 9 years ago by mbbrennan
I modified this helpful snippet: http://snipplr.com/view/9904/aspdropdownlist-us-states-abbreviated/ to work for the Telerik RadComboBox control.
0 73 posted 10 years ago by sonofabit
Learn how to emulate ASP.NET's AppendFormat method in Classic ASP. AppendFormat is essentially a simple form of concatenation in ASP.NET.
1 103 posted 10 years ago by neal_grosskopf
Call AddKeepAlive() in Page_Load of the page that needs it. Change the path to the correct keep alive page. Page should disable caching, like in second code snippet.
2 95 posted 11 years ago by jink
Replace *SERVERNAME* with the name of the server name in the web.config
2 87 posted 11 years ago by jink
Code snippet prevents caching of the page by setting http header values and a LAST MODIFIED header to prevent google from caching too long. This should go into the page load event.
1 66 posted 11 years ago by jink
usage: SomeDropDownList.Set("Some String Value");
1 82 posted 11 years ago by naspinski
View version with full names here: [Dropdown-states](http://snipplr.com/view/4042/dropdown-states/ "View full names version")
3 149 posted 11 years ago by jasonseney
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