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Sometimes you don't want robots snooping around certain files. Here's one example of a custom configuration.
0 97 posted 5 years ago by chrisaiv
These are performance tricks to improve your Wordpress application.
0 98 posted 5 years ago by chrisaiv
In my WP networks, I use a custom 404 page and plugin to answer calls asking for user information from a custom api. The API requires a URL format like this: domain.com/username/ However, users don't ever type a trailing slash, nor should they, so...
0 157 posted 7 years ago by lucasoptura
Reduce spam on WP installations (comment spam); this snippet does not look for https referers.
0 147 posted 8 years ago by no4h
This snippet will stop people from snooping in your Apache directories. This is useful if you have directories containing files, but no index HTML/PHP document.
1 93 posted 8 years ago by f6design
Useful for WordPress installations that need more than 32M of memory
0 109 posted 8 years ago by Huskie
Improving WordPress performance with changes to .htaccess
1 85 posted 9 years ago by sdxxx
"We should always be looking for ways to improve the functionality of our blogs. One of the easiest ways to improve our blog functionality and speed is to leverage browser caching."
1 116 posted 9 years ago by sdxxx
Currently, multisite is easiest to setup under the following conditions: 1) WordPress for main site installed in the root directory 2) Each additional network site is created in its own subdirectory
0 65 posted 10 years ago by j4kp07
The problem As a WordPress user, you probably know how important the wp-config.php file is. This file contains all of the information required to access your precious database: username, password, server name and so on. Protecting the wp-config.php...
0 63 posted 10 years ago by josephknight
0 52 posted 10 years ago by jeromegamez
A member of Wordpress community says: I placed this code on my site and it instantly cut my page load times from 4-8 seconds per page (and typically on the high end of that) down to 1-3 seconds per page and EVERYTHING on my site works as it did befor...
1 77 posted 10 years ago by LuckyShot
In addition to the recommendations on the Wordpress Website. Limit the amount of PHP files that a writable by Apache. The directory's and files that need to be writable, do not always need to be executed by PHP directly. This makes it a bit har...
1 60 posted 10 years ago by occam
2 55 posted 12 years ago by bpj1966
After installing WordPress an .htaccess file with the following code needs to be added to the wp-includes folder.
1 54 posted 12 years ago by m00min
Add this to an .htaccess file.
1 68 posted 12 years ago by m00min
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