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mysql db executescalar

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execute scalar for php

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retrieve only one value from the query

  1. function execute_scalar($sql,$def="") {
  2. $rs = mysql_query($sql) or die(mysql_error().$sql);
  3. if (mysql_num_rows($rs)) {
  4. $r = mysql_fetch_row($rs);
  5. return $r[0];
  6. }
  7. return $def;
  8. }

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Posted By: the_dev on July 8, 2009

If I'm not mistaken your "mysqlfreeresult($rs);" will never be executed because your "return $r[0];" before calling it. The function will immediately stop and return at that point.

Posted By: ginoplusio on January 19, 2010

right. I've removed it. Thanks.

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