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Recently Added Code Snippets

  1. FAV EMGU Finding the most common value in a UMat

    C# hsv hue opencv emgu
  2. FAV EMGU Extract hue channel from HSV image

    C# hsv hue opencv emgu
  3. FAV Oracle BIN_TO_NUM Function

    SQL sql Oracle
  4. FAV Oracle CUME_DIST Function

    SQL sql Oracle
  5. FAV Bash: EC2 Script

    Bash Bash EC2
  6. FAV Oracle CHARTOROWID Function

    SQL sql Oracle
  7. FAV Oracle ASIN, ACOS, ATAN, ATAN2, and COSH Functions

    SQL sql Oracle
  8. FAV Oracle GROUP_ID Function

    SQL sql Oracle
  9. FAV Oracle EMPTY_CLOB Function

    SQL sql Oracle
  10. FAV Oracle EMPTY_BLOB Function

    SQL sql Oracle
  11. FAV Oracle NEW_TIME Function

    SQL sql Oracle
  12. FAV Oracle TO_SINGLE_BYTE Function

    SQL sql Oracle
  13. FAV Oracle NCHR Function

    SQL sql Oracle
  14. FAV Oracle NANVL Function

    SQL sql Oracle
  15. FAV Oracle DECOMPOSE Function

    SQL sql Oracle
  16. FAV Generate all old PDF preview images in WordPress

    PHP wordpress pdf
  17. FAV Add IE interenet explorer class name to body

    jQuery javascript browser jquery internet explorer
  18. FAV Oracle COMPOSE Function

    SQL sql Oracle
  19. FAV Oracle TO_LOB Function

    SQL sql Oracle
  20. FAV Oracle LOCALTIMESTAMP Function

    SQL sql Oracle
  21. FAV Oracle ASCIISTR Function

    SQL sql Oracle
  22. FAV Oracle TO_NCLOB Function

    SQL sql Oracle
  23. FAV Oracle TO_CLOB Function

    SQL sql Oracle
  24. FAV Update multiple fields using #ajax in Drupal 7 form

    PHP fields drupal update callback multiple using #ajax
  25. FAV Oracle STDDEV Function

    SQL sql Oracle
  26. FAV Oracle FROM_TZ Function

    SQL sql Oracle
  27. FAV Oracle TZ_OFFSET Function

    SQL sql Oracle
  28. FAV Oracle LOWER Function

    SQL sql Oracle
  29. FAV Oracle INITCAP Function

    SQL sql Oracle
  30. FAV Oracle RAWTOHEX Function

    SQL sql Oracle
  31. FAV demo

    SQL demo
  32. FAV Oracle TO_YMINTERVAL Function

    SQL sql Oracle
  33. FAV Oracle TO_DSINTERVAL Function

    SQL sql Oracle
  34. FAV Oracle NUMTOYMINTERVAL Function

    SQL sql Oracle
  35. FAV Oracle NUMTODSINTERVAL Function

    SQL sql Oracle
  36. FAV cookies.css

  37. FAV Oracle LAG Function

    SQL sql Oracle
  38. FAV Oracle SQLCODE Function

    SQL sql Oracle
  39. FAV archive.is bash script

    Bash archiveis
  40. FAV Oracle LEAD Function

    SQL sql Oracle

Popular Code Snippets

  1. FAV Better HTML 5 basic starter template

    HTML css js template html script html5 saved by 28 people
  2. FAV How to expire a PHP session after X minutes?

    PHP session expire saved by 8 people
  3. FAV email validation

    JavaScript regex email javascript validation saved by 7 people
  4. FAV Find All Links on a Page

    PHP php link page links seo finder apps saved by 11 people
  5. FAV Redirect with a Timer

    JavaScript js redirect timer saved by 12 people
  6. FAV Resize iFrame to its content

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  7. FAV Google Hosted JQuery and JQueryUI links

    HTML saved by 5 people
  8. FAV HTML5 Ready CSS Reset

    CSS css reset saved by 35 people
  9. FAV Stylesheet Template

    CSS css style print mobile reset media queries saved by 32 people
  10. FAV Plain HTML5 Starter Template

    HTML template html starter html5 saved by 32 people
  11. FAV Center an image vertically and horizontally in a container

    CSS css saved by 42 people
  12. FAV HTML 5 Starter Page

    HTML template html starter html5 saved by 26 people
  13. FAV Zen Coding HTML5 Full Page

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  14. FAV HTML5 Page Structure

    HTML saved by 17 people
  15. FAV HTML5: Boilerplate

    HTML html5 modernizr saved by 14 people
  16. FAV Fullscreen Google Maps Background

    jQuery saved by 6 people
  17. FAV find distance between two longtude,latitude in PHP

    PHP saved by 14 people
  18. FAV Quick mysql in php

    PHP mysql php saved by 14 people
  19. FAV jQuery Accordion (1.7.1)

    jQuery jquery accordion saved by 8 people
  20. FAV jQuery Basic Setup

    jQuery basic ajax html page script code jquery document ready googleapis saved by 11 people
  21. FAV ─░mage resize

    jQuery resize image jquery fixed saved by 11 people
  22. FAV Wordpress: Disable the content editor for a specific page template

    PHP wordpress editor wysiwyg saved by 6 people
  23. FAV Smooth scrolling for internal links

    jQuery saved by 6 people
  24. FAV List of Web Safe Fonts

    CSS css web font safe saved by 23 people
  25. FAV Facebook app login / authorization entirely client-side

    JavaScript login javascript html facebook authorization saved by 18 people
  26. FAV US & CANADA Cities Database

    MySQL mysql database states sql list usa city United canada cities saved by 9 people
  27. FAV Grid System on SASS

    SASS css grid SASS saved by 5 people
  28. FAV HTML test page for CSS style guide

    HTML css test template html saved by 6 people
  29. FAV Perfect cURL Function

    PHP curl php post saved by 14 people
  30. FAV HTML5: Creating a Static Google Map

    HTML jquery html5 saved by 10 people
  31. FAV PHP Functions to Clean User Input

    PHP saved by 14 people
  32. FAV Force download function

    PHP php saved by 7 people
  33. FAV Pure CSS Text Gradients

    CSS saved by 23 people
  34. FAV Eric Meyer CSS reset v2.0 | 2011-01-26

    CSS css reset saved by 15 people
  35. FAV jQuery Center Vertical and Horizontal Web Page

    jQuery jquery center horizontal vertical saved by 15 people
  36. FAV jQuery plugin skel

    jQuery js plugin template jquery skel saved by 7 people
  37. FAV CSS Sticky Fixed Footer

    CSS footer sticky saved by 16 people
  38. FAV iPhone: Create custom button that flashes on touch (like the info button)

    Objective C saved by 5 people
  39. FAV Web Font stacks

    CSS saved by 11 people
  40. FAV PDF2JPG - convert PDF to JPG images with ImageMagick

    PHP image jpg pdf imagemagick convert imagick pdf2jpg saved by 13 people