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Wordpress check if post ID exists

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Thanks to Tom McFarlin for this.

  1. <?php
  3. /**
  4.  * Determines if a post, identified by the specified ID, exist
  5.  * within the WordPress database.
  6.  *
  7.  * Note that this function uses the 'acme_' prefix to serve as an
  8.  * example for how to use the function within a theme. If this were
  9.  * to be within a class, then the prefix would not be necessary.
  10.  *
  11.  * @param int $id The ID of the post to check
  12.  * @return bool True if the post exists; otherwise, false.
  13.  * @since 1.0.0
  14.  */
  15. function acme_post_exists( $id ) {
  16. return is_string( get_post_status( $id ) );
  17. }
  18. ?>

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