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Text Mate Shortcuts

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  1. Shortcut Command
  2. Optn+Cmd+ left arrow Previous file tab
  3. Optn+Cmd+Right arrow Next file tab
  4. Cmd+T Go to file
  5. Cmd+L Go to line
  6. Cmd+F2 Add bookmark
  7. F2 Next bookmark
  8. Shft+F2 Previous bookmark
  9. Optn+Cmd+L Show line numbers
  10. Optn+Cmd+B Show bookmarks
  11. Optn+Cmd+I Show invisibles
  12. F1 Fold current block
  13. Ctrl+Optn+Cmd+D Show project drawer
  14. Ctrl+Optn+Cmd+P Show web preview
  15. Cmd+Z Undo
  16. Shft+Cmd+Z Redo
  17. Ctrl+Optn+Cmd+V Clipboard history
  18. Ctrl+Cmd+V Paste without indentation
  19. Optn+Cmd+E Freehand editing mode
  20. Optn+Cmd+O Overwrite mode
  21. Ctrl+W Select word
  22. Shft+Cmd+L Select line
  23. Cmd+Return Move to the end of line, insert a ; and then insert a newline
  24. Shft+Cmd+Return Will complete the current word based on matches in the current document.
  25. Esc Press ESC continuously will cycle through multiple matches
  26. Ctrl+U Convert to uppercase
  27. Ctrl+Shft+ U Convert to lowercase
  28. Ctrl+Optn+U Convert to title case
  29. Optn+Cmd+[ Indent line
  30. Optn+Tab Increase indent level
  31. Optn+Shft+Tab Decrease indent level
  32. Optn+Cmd+A Edit each line in selection
  33. Hold down Optn to select a column
  34. Ctrl+Shft+K Delete current line
  35. Ctrl+Shft+N Document statistics
  36. Ctrl+Shft+D Duplicate current line
  37. F5 Sort lines in document / selection alphabetically
  38. isoD+Tab Insert current date
  39. c)+Tab Insert copyright notice
  40. lorem+Tab Inserts lorem ipsum paragraph
  41. Cmd+B Build current source/project (compile)
  42. Cmd+R Run the current source
  43. Ctrl+H Lookup current word in documentation
  44. Ctrl+Shft+V Run syntax checker
  45. Ctrl+Shft+W Wrap selection with a logical wrapper (e.g. You can then overtype p and add arguments)
  46. Ctrl+Shft+H Convert the document into something which make sense
  47. Enter Continue the current construct on the next line
  48. Optn+Cmd+. Insert close element
  49. Cmd+/ Toggle comment characters around current selection
  50. Ctrl+< Change the word just typed into open/close tag
  51. Ctrl+Shft+L Wrap selection as link

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