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Delete specific line from a file with sed

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For deleting a line from a file without open the file you can use sed.

For example, it has been very useful many times for me after anoying messages from ssh when a host I use to connect change the IP...

And sometimes you don't know the line number but you know a specific word from this line.

  1. # delete the line 18 from '~/.ssh/known_hosts' file
  2. sed -i '18 d' ~/.ssh/known_hosts
  4. # also
  5. sed -i 18d ~/.ssh/known_hosts
  7. # delete few lines
  8. # delete 6 lines from line 8
  9. sed -i 8,+6d file.txt
  12. # delete the line where is 'TO DELETE'
  13. sed -i '/TO DELETE/ d' file.txt

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Posted By: Tenzer on May 9, 2008

You could also use ssh-keygen -R [host] to clean up the known_hosts file :)

Posted By: Juanje on May 30, 2008

I did't know. Thanks for the tip! :-)

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