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Deploy your project changes on group server

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After you done changes and decide to check in.

Please always test and ensure the code works locally first.

If everything works, then commit the changes

(becareful DO NOT commit files in 'tmp' folder)

please write detailed comment on what you have changed, so other group member won't confuse.

please also svn update your local folder often (before you start working on a piece of code), so most conflict can be avoid.


After you successfully commit, login group server through ssh

Go to web root folder by input:

cd /var/www/

Notice there are two seperated project folders in this directory called "project" and "preview"

To prevent fail, please first update "preview" folder to the latest version:

sudo svn up preview

Then check you changes make sure everything works:


if nothing breaks down, then you can also update the "project" folder to the latest version:

sudo svn up project

Test again from browser:

  1. ...

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