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Rito on 05/27/11



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Body class with page ID

 / Published in: TYPO3

adds a class/id to body with Page ID

  1. page.bodyTag >
  2. page.bodyTagCObject = TEXT
  3. page.bodyTagCObject {
  4. field = uid
  5. wrap = <body class="uid-|">
  6. }

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Posted By: dbugger on May 27, 2011

I like the idea of having a specific class on every page, to target special cases with CSS rules, but...

I dont like the idea of revealing the uid of each page to the visitors. Makes the site more "hackable"

Posted By: Rito on May 30, 2011

well instead of the uid field any other field can be used e.g. title // subtitle // abstract ...

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