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Validate Email

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Completely replaced original regular expression with one that works much better.

  1. function validate_email($email)
  2. {
  3. return preg_match("/^[-_a-z0-9\\'+*\$^&%=~!?{}]++(?:\\.[-_a-z0-9\\'+*\$^&%=~!?{}]+)*[email protected](?:(?![-.])[-a-z0-9.]+(?<![-.])\\.[a-z]{2,6}|\\d{1,3}(?:\\.\\d{1,3}){3})(?::\\d++)?\$/iD",$email);
  4. }

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Posted By: koncept on April 14, 2008

.museum is a valid domain. Your regular expression should account for it. e.g. {2,6}

Posted By: leandemon on May 2, 2009


Posted By: leandemon on May 2, 2009

Function now supports the .museum domain (and other domains that are 6 letters long)

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