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Confirm leaving your site onbeforeunload

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I needed a method to confirm unload of the site, but still allow the user to click around the site this was my method of doing so.

  1. window.onload = function(){
  3. var allowUnload = true;
  5. window.onbeforeunload = function(e){
  6. //allowUnload will allow us to see if user recently clicked something if so we wont allow the beforeunload.
  7. if(allowUnload){
  8. //message to be returned to the popup box.
  9. var message = 'Are you sure you want to leave this page message',
  10. e = e||window.event;
  11. if(e)
  12. e.returnValue=message; // IE
  13. return message; // Safari
  14. }
  15. };
  16. // We need this to allow us to see if user has clicked anywhere if user has clicked we wont allow beforeunload to run.
  17. document.getElementsByTagName('body')[0].onclick = function(){
  18. allowUnload = false;
  19. //setTimeout so we can reset allowUnload incase user didn't leave the page but randomly clicked.
  20. setTimeout(function(){ allowUnload = true; },100);
  21. };
  22. };

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Posted By: tejas14883 on December 13, 2012

With using this event 'onbeforeunload' , can we prevent alert message when we click on browser back button.

I have used this event and if I click on browser back button, this event should not fire and stop the alert message.

Please help me out if any one know about it.

Regards, Tejas Savaliya

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