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Anti Spam email link

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Instead of writing the link in the HTML, just write the email address inside any tag you want (p, spam, div...) with the class "email", and put "[at]" instead "@". This script replace the "[at]" and create the link outside the spam robot sight

  1. $.each($('.email'), function(){
  2. var mail = $(this).text();
  3. mail = mail.replace('[at]','@');
  4. $(this).html('<a href="mailto:' + mail + '>' + mail + '</a>');
  5. });

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Posted By: verostudios on December 30, 2010

I'm not sure if this would work, pretty sure bots just use some sort of pattern matching on the entire page code looking for any email addresses listed.

Posted By: thefricky on February 2, 2011

Good point. In any case you can change "[at]" for any text you want and then replace it with the script.

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