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Clear Fix

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  • _height: Triggers “haslayout” in Internet Explorer, by using the underscore trick to target IE6 directly.
    • content: After the container div, append a period.
    • visibility: We don’t want to see the period, so hide it from the page. (Equal to setting opacity: 0;)
    • display: Forces the period to display as a block-level, rather than inline.
    • clear: The important property. This clears the main and sidebar divs. This is the same as adding an unsemantic to our page.
    • height: Don’t take up any space.
    • font-size: Just a precaution for Firefox. This browser sometimes adds a bit of space after our parent element. Setting the font-size to zero fixes this.
  1. .clear_fix {
  2. _height: 1%;
  3. }
  5. .clear_fix:after {
  6. content: ".";
  7. visibility: hidden;
  8. display: block;
  9. clear: both;
  10. height: 0;
  11. font-size: 0;
  12. }

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