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include autoload

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  1. /*
  2. Autoload for php classes with a simple convention so you don't have to include manually files.
  3. The convention is as follow: '_' gets converted into '/' and the strings before and after '_' become
  4. directories or files.
  5. For example Process_Shell class is located under directory Process and the file name that contains
  6. the class Process_Shell is called Shell.php. The classname is Process_Process and is located into
  7. Process/Shell.php.
  9. */
  11. function __autoload($class){
  12. $elems = explode('_',$class);
  13. $path = implode('/',$elems);
  14. require_once($path . '.' . 'php');
  15. }

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Posted By: shaunduncan on July 13, 2010

Although convenient, using magic functions like __get(), __set() and __autoload() should be avoided at possible as they can hinder performance. Also, use of require_once() is very expensive.

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