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Gaia Embed Font Asset

 / Published in: ActionScript 3


Make sure your embedded fonts are not PostScript. They won\'t work. To obtain the proper font name for your css, use\r\ntrace(Gaia.api.getAvailableFonts());\r\ntrace(Gaia.api.getFontName(\\"NameOfFontClassAsReportedAbove\\"));\r\nYou have to embed separate fonts for the Bold or Italic versions, and sometimes they use the same font name as the regular version. For these you have to specify \\"font-style: italic;\\" or \\"font-weight:bold;\\".\r\nAlso make sure that there are no text fields in your swf which are embedding your font because the font name will conflict with your imported one.

  1. //use the source fount at the URL; it's formatted nicely and shows examples of using CSS or TextFormat

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