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git amend

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Git: Remove file accidentally added to the repository.

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Note that you don't actually need a temporary branch, you can do this with a 'detached HEAD', but you need to take a note of the commit id generated by the git commit --amend step to supply to the git rebase command rather than using the temporary branch name.

  1. # create and check out a temporary branch at the location of the bad merge
  2. git checkout -b tmpfix <sha1-of-merge>
  4. # remove the incorrectly added file
  5. git rm somefile.orig
  7. # commit the amended merge
  8. git commit --amend
  10. # go back to the master branch
  11. git checkout master
  13. # replant the master branch onto the corrected merge
  14. git rebase tmpfix
  16. # delete the temporary branch
  17. git branch -d tmpfix

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