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Myspace (band website customization) - Remove gigschedule default heading/Replace with jpg

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I needed a way to replace the default myspace headings with pictures.

It was easy enough to just superimpose jpg's over most of these with a {position:relative;} tag but the gigschedule proved a little harder as the distance between the top of the "bio" and the top of the "bandschedule" changes depending on the number of upcoming gigs.

  1. /*this inserts the picture where it needs to be as a background */
  3. div table td.text{
  4. background-image:url('??'); /* insert url of pic */
  5. background-position:bottom left;
  6. height:??px; /* set equal to the height of pic */
  7. background-repeat:no-repeat;
  8. }
  10. /* this hides the default heading text "Upcoming Shows" and the link "(view all)" */
  12. div table td.text span.whitetext12, div table span.whitelink {display:none;}

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