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class jquery repalce

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I notice a lot of addClass/removeClass.. thought maybe I'd post an example on how to simplify that....

  1. /*
  2. ** jquery.replaceClass.js -- jQuery "plugin", helps classname manip.
  3. ** Copyright (c) 2007 Francois Lafortune (
  4. ** Licensed under MIT
  5. **
  6. */
  7. jQuery.fn.replaceClass = function(toReplace,replaceWith){
  8. return $(this).each(function(){
  9. return $(this).removeClass(toReplace).addClass(replaceWith);
  10. });
  11. }
  13. // Of course, you'd rarely ever save this file like this, what you wanna do
  14. // is create a little extensions file for all your tiny little jQuery
  15. // quirks and re-use that...
  16. jQuery.extend(jQuery.fn,{
  17. replaceClass = function(){//code...},
  18. otherHelper = function(){ //... }
  19. // etc ...
  20. })

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Posted By: joe-bbb on September 28, 2009

Thats nice, however shouldn't that be a colon not an equals? e.g.

//jQuery extension object jQuery.extend(jQuery.fn,{ replaceClass : function(toReplace,replaceWith){ return $(this).each(function(){ return $(this).removeClass(toReplace).addClass(replaceWith); }); } })

//call $('#first-col').click(function(){ $(this).replaceClass('person','dog'); });

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