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PHP File to byteArray

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  1. <?
  2. $file = file_get_contents($_FILES['userfile']['tmp_name']);
  3. $byteArr = str_split($file);
  4. foreach ($byteArr as $key=>$val) { $byteArr[$key] = ord($val); }
  5. ?>

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Posted By: kirik on September 13, 2009

Why just not to use native php functions to apply function for each element of array? It will be way faster (and takes less memory) than foreach. $file = file_get_contents($_FILES['userfile']['tmp_name']); $byteArr = str_split($file); $byteArr = array_map('ord', $byteArr);

Posted By: ceolceol on January 23, 2011

@kirik I know this was a while ago, but there isn't any speed difference between foreach and array_map.

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