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HTTP Proxy Checker

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This script tries to detect whether an HTTP Proxy works or not. It uses the HEAD command (high-level version of the lwp-request command) to connect to a given URL ( by default) via the given HTTP Proxy. It takes 2 arguments; the first one is the IP Address or URL of the HTTP Proxy and the second one is its port number. If you have a simpler or faster method, please let me know.

  1. #!/bin/bash
  2. # HTTP Proxy Server's IP Address (or URL)
  3. proxy_server=$1
  5. # HTTP Proxy Server's Port Number
  6. port=$2
  8. # We're trying to reach this url via the given HTTP Proxy Server
  9. # ( by default)
  10. url=""
  12. # Timeout time (in seconds)
  13. timeout=20
  15. # We're fetching the return code and assigning it to the $result variable
  16. result=`HEAD -d -p http://$proxy_server:$port -t $timeout $url`
  18. # If the return code is 200, we've reached to $url successfully
  19. if [ "$result" = "200 OK" ]; then
  20. echo "1 (proxy works)"
  21. # Otherwise, we've got a problem (either the HTTP Proxy Server does not work
  22. # or the request timed out)
  23. else
  24. echo "0 (proxy does not work or request timed out)"
  25. fi

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