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regexp match tide data

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  1. preg_match_all("/(dd/dd/dddd)[^d]*(dd:dd(?:AM|PM))s+(?:LST|LDT)s[^LH]*(L|H)s+(dd:dd(?:AM|PM))s+(?:LST|LDT)s[^LH]*(L|H)s+(dd:dd(?:AM|PM))s+(?:LST|LDT)s[^LH]*(L|H)(?:s+(dd:dd(?:AM|PM))s+(?:LST|LDT)s[^LH]*(L|H)s*)*/mis",$rawTideData,$matches);

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Posted By: MMDeveloper on April 8, 2009

good grief I'd hate to be the person who has to maintain/modify that one :P

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