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  1. FAVGit dry run

    Bash git
    posted 3 days ago by graceman9
  2. FAVPatch dry run

    Bash patch
    posted 3 days ago by graceman9
  3. FAVRedirect all users to access the site WITHOUT the 'www.' prefix

    Apache htaccess
    posted on September 29, 2013 by graceman9
  4. FAVUpload archive, unzip, process and output multiple *.txt files

    PHP ZipArchive
    posted on May 28, 2013 by graceman9
  5. FAVBatch move small files to separate directory

    Bash batch
    posted on December 1, 2011 by graceman9
  6. FAVjQuery ajax loading wrapper (realy simple :))

    jQuery wrapper ajax loading progress saved by 2 people
    posted on September 18, 2011 by graceman9
  7. FAVlinux tar exclude folders

    Bash tar exclude
    posted on May 23, 2011 by graceman9
  8. FAVSimple category tree

    PHP mysql php category tree
    posted on November 26, 2010 by graceman9
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