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Name: Bethanne Johnson

Location: Alabama

Website: Coming soon.com

I am a web designer & basic programmer ( html, CSS, basic PHP, JAVASCRIPT). I am working in my spare time to redesign two websites ( one is a small prperty management website & one is small attorney website). I had started to build a new Wordpress site for the property site, but for lack of time, I have decided to work with it as is and simply redesign its look and add new functionalities. I have not changed its overall look since before CSS tool center stage and I had learned much about new programming languages, so you can imagine how much work it needs! My client wants the ability to add his own images and copy, so I am going to work wirh him to use Contribute. This site will help me considerably and make my work much speedier! I know what I want to do, how I want it to look, and the functionalities I would like it to have based on his neecds. When I get the basics up for both sites, I will add their URLS and I hope you will give me your suggestions and critiques!


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