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  1. FAVchange style based on current page

    PHP css menu php style navigation saved by 2 people
    posted on August 8, 2007 by jakepaint
  2. FAVDevuelve un string indicando del tamaƱo de un archivo al estilo Windows.

    PHP file style String windows size saved by 2 people
    posted on June 30, 2006 by cochambre
  3. FAVSimple PHP Navigation

    PHP css php include style navigation saved by 1 person
    posted on April 25, 2007 by 1man
  4. FAVWordPress CSS based on page title (Conditional)

    PHP css page wordpress style title conditional
    posted on November 22, 2011 by stephcode
  5. FAVChange style depending on user browser in Wordpress

    PHP wordpress browser style classes
    posted on June 15, 2011 by paulund
  6. FAVMettere uppercase un textbox

    PHP css html style forms textboxuppercase
    posted on May 28, 2011 by tuffo19
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