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Conditionally assign a value to a variable

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To assign a value to a variable only if some expression evaluates to true, I would usually do this:

var foo;
  if (condition){
    foo = "success";

This is Douglas Crockford's idiom and it shortens the above from 4 lines to 1.

I have understood for a while that (expr1 && expr2) evaluates to truth only if both conditions are true. What I did not get before Crockford pointed it out in his book, was that && doesn't simply return a boolean value -- it returns the result of the last expression that was evaluated.

So if both expressions evaluate to false, the result of first expression will be returned. If only one expression evaluates true, the result of the false expression will be returned. And if both expressions evaluate to truth, the result of the second expression is returned.

  1. //Assign a value to foo only if condition evaluates to true.
  2. var foo = condition && "success";
  4. // here are some interesting expressions using logical and
  6. alert(false && 0);
  7. // false
  9. alert(0 && false);
  10. // 0
  12. alert(false && "success");
  13. // false
  15. alert("success" && undefined)
  16. // undefined
  18. alert(-1 && "success");
  19. // success
  21. alert("failure" && "success");
  22. // success

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