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merrittwjm on 04/23/11


flash flashvars as3

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 / Published in: ActionScript 3

  1. //Retrieving one flashvar at a time...
  2. _var1 = getFlashVars().var1; // var1 is the name of the passed Flash variable
  4. private function getFlashVars():Object {
  5. return Object( LoaderInfo( this.loaderInfo ).parameters );
  6. }

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Posted By: burnandbass on April 24, 2011

private var _embededVariables:Object = new Object();

var variables:Object = LoaderInfo(Initializer.instance.root.loaderInfo).parameters; for (var name:String in variables){ _embededVariables[name] = variables[name]; }

I use this one, 10x for sharing anyway

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