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Xenres' Escape Bar Removal

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A simple script that removes the party command window from the default battle system. Works with several other battle systems as well. Just be sure to load it before any other battle system related scripts.

  1. =begin
  2.   Xenres' Escape Bar Removal Script
  3.   Last Edit: 2010-08-02
  5.   Description:
  6.   This script removes the Attack/Escape bar. It does nothing else, nothing
  7.   more. I made this script to go with a CBS that I am currently working on.
  8.   Unlike Laura's Escape Bar Removal Script, this one also makes it so that
  9.   escaping battles is impossible without further modification of the battle
  10.   system. This is by design. If you don't like it, don't use it.
  11. =end
  12. class Scene_Battle
  14. # change the values of
  15. # -
  16. # - @party_command_window.visible
  17. alias disable_escape_bar start_phase2
  18. def start_phase2
  19. disable_escape_bar
  20. = false
  21. @party_command_window.visible = false
  22. end
  24. # replace update_phase2
  25. def update_phase2
  26. start_phase3
  27. end
  28. end

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