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remysharp on 09/25/07


textmate mac DNS lookupd darwin

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Restart lookupd (to refresh dns cache)

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  1. ps ax | grep lookupd | grep -v grep | perl -ne 'split; print $_[0]' | xargs sudo kill -HUP

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Posted By: 0xced on September 26, 2007

Or with less pipes ;-) sudo kill -HUP cat /var/run/

Posted By: 0xced on September 26, 2007

Oops, cat /var/run/ must be between backticks.

Posted By: remysharp on October 2, 2007

I've never sure whether to trust the /var/run/ directory. It should be the place to go to for all the pid files, but I'm sure in the past, I've had a process running and due to some crash (or another) the pid file wasn't right...(that doesn't sound totally correct, but it's why I tend to grab the running pid from ps).

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