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display testing writing meta

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  1. <blockquote>“Tested in <acronym title="IE 6 on Windows XP Pro SP 2">IE6/XP</acronym>, <acronym title="IE 7 on Windows Vista Home Premium">IE7/Vista</acronym>, <acronym title="Firefox 2 on Windows XP Pro SP 2, and on Mac OS 10.4.10">FF2/XP&OSX</acronym>, <acronym title="Firefox 3 Beta 1 on Windows XP Pro SP 2, and Windows Vista Home Premium">FF2/XP&OSX</acronym>, <acronym title="Opera 9 on Windows XP Pro SP 2">O9/XP</acronym>, <acronym title="Safari 2 on Mac OS 10.4.10">SF2/OSX</acronym>.”</blockquote>

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