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Walmart API integration

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Cedcommerce gives a robust extension for the growth of an eCommerce business. This extension is packed with the latest and innovative features to sell on Walmart. Here are some key features of the Walmart Magento 2 Integration-

Bulk Product Upload: Using the integration extension of Walmart Magento 2 it becomes easier to export the products from your Magento store to Walmart marketplace in one click. With the upload function of the bulk item, you can upload any number of products in a single go.

Inventory Synchronisation: Integration of Walmart Magento 2 automatically synchronizes the product inventory, information, and other details between Magento 2 and Walmart conveniently in real-time.

Shipment Reminder: Never miss a single order as you get a reminder in case you forget to ship any orders received on Walmart. The automated shipment feature enables the shipping and cancellation of orders in an easier form.

Retire/Republish Products: Now, with Walmart Magento 2 integration, you can withdraw or republish the products you sell on Walmart in an easy way. If you want to retire a product then you can select the product and it won't be available for the customers and by republishing any product, it will be available for purchase on Walmart. Thus you can choose what you want to sell and when you want to sell.

Order Automation: Experience the most innovative and simplified eCommerce order automation feature that allows automated order importing mechanism and easy order management. The order(s) are auto acknowledged as the new order is received on the Walmart seller panel and it is automatically is imported to the Magento panel as well.

Easy Refund: Our integration with Walmart Magento 2 allows you to easily access refund requests and manage the initiation process. You need not to login to your Walmart seller every time to manage returns and refunds as you can do it directly from here.

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