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Knowband - OpenCart One Page Checkout Pro | Short and Responsive Checkout

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Various kinds of marketing strategies are available in the market such as scratch coupons, exit popups and spin win, but one should importantly focus towards optimizing their site checkout. Checkout being the most essential and key stage in the product purchase process. Keeping it simple and quick to complete is mandatory required to give an enhanced shopping experience to the customers. Don’t you agree with this fact?

Knowband OpenCart One Page Checkout Pro extension brings you an effective approach to convert the multi-page checkout system into a single page checkout. No marketing or lead generation technique can without improving the checkout experience. A quick and responsive Checkout page not just helps in targeting higher sales but also increases the number of returning customers.

So, if you are afraid to lose your revenues, your potential customers or even about losing your loyal customers, then OpenCart Quick checkout module is the perfect deal.

What makes OpenCart One Page Supercheckout, a feature-rich extension?

1.This OpenCart Quick checkout module is loaded with highly customizable features at an affordable cost.

2.OpenCart One Page Supercheckout optimizes the multi-page checkout process with one page checkout.

3.OpenCart One Step Checkout extension replaces the traditional or standard checkout with modern responsive page checkout.

4.OpenCart fast checkout extension integrates the option to enable or disable newsletter subscription which improves the overall site subscriptions for the ecommerce business.

5.OpenCart One Page Supercheckout allows you to test the customization before making them live on the website.

6.OpenCart One Page Checkout Pro module offers social login options such as Google and Facebook allowing customers to perform checkout much easily without any log in troubles.

7.The complete functionality of OpenCart One Step Checkout extension can be quickly enabled or disabled using toggle switch.

8.The MailChimp integrator feature of OpenCart One Page Supercheckout helps admin in capturing the email information of the customers as soon as they fill in the field.

9.This OpenCart responsive one step checkout module offers easy installation and configuration that doesn't requires any coding efforts.

10.OpenCart One Page Checkout extension integrates a customizable cart which can modifies as per business needs.

11.The address fields in the payment and shipping section of OpenCart One Page Checkout Pro can be configured from the backend.

12.OpenCart One Step Checkout extension offers customizable shipping and payment methods that can be configured for method name and logo.

13.The Ship2Pay feature of OpenCart One Page Checkout extension lets you map payment methods for the selected shipping method.

14.OpenCart One Step Checkout extension offers multiple design layouts for responsive page checkout which includes 1-column, 2-column, and 3-column.

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