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OpenCart Social Login extension by Knowband

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OpenCart Social Login extension offers your clients moment access to your site through 8 confided in Social systems and improves the client experience on your site. The eCommerce store dealer can set the conditions from the administrator interface and show social login/information exchange options. By setting position, arrangement, drift impacts and shade of the social login catch the store administrator can stand out enough to be noticed on social login options.

Highlights of OpenCart Social Media Login extension:

  1. It is anything but difficult to introduce, arrange and utilize this Opencart Google Login module.

  2. The online dealer can likewise incorporate textual style magnificent effectively for pulling in clients.

  3. The OpenCart Social Login plugin permits including 8 Logins like Facebook, Google, Twitter, LinkedIn, Yahoo, Amazon, Instagram and Paypal.

  4. The administrator has a choice to set the title for social login and select the page on which he needs to demonstrate social login options.

  5. There is an alternative to set the catch design from the Social Login for the OpenCart administrator interface. The Social Login plugin for OpenCart permits making different catch formats.

  6. The Social Login OpenCart module gives an alternative to indicate social login options at the substance top/base, segment left/right.

  7. The OpenCart Facebook Login extension permits setting a sort request for setting need.

  8. There is an alternative to making numerous catch designs by choosing login catches, symbol type, drift impact and arrangement.

  9. There are various symbol types like little roundabout/adjusted/rectangular and enormous adjusted/rectangular effectively.

  10. The administrator can choose the drifting impact which will pivot, zoom and feature the social login catches.

  11. The administrator can adjust social catches on a level plane or vertically.

  12. The administrator can utilize default catch hues or alter the catch hues.

  13. The administrator can likewise check the measurements from the administrator interface to know the performance of the module.

  14. The Social Login OpenCart module is multi-lingual good and portable responsive.

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